The Sound of Data Closing Event – The After-Movie

Some 500 persons attended the closing event of the Esch2022 project The Sound of Data, which took place at Rockhal. The evening started out with a conference, where musicians and scientists shared their individual and collaborative experience of sonification, and where headliner Max Cooper talked about science, music, creativity and what inspires him. The concert featured the 11 musicians who participated in The Sound of Data artist residency: All Reitz Reserved, Catherine Elsen, Hester-1, Mike von der Nahmer, Pol Belardi, Slumbergaze, SpudBencer, Tessy Troes, Willem & Adnan Theerens, Timelord, Virgilio Fernandez the project’s artistic partner Valery Vermeulen, who performed his [...]

The Sound of Data Closing Event – The After-Movie2023-01-17T09:53:18+00:00

ReShape, a multidimensional, cultural exploration

Abstract art baffles some, enchants others, but for over 100 years has been at the heart of modern culture and design. Art consists of shapes, curves, and colors but what makes a piece of art pleasing to watch? As a part of the Esch2022 project The Sound of Data project, Hugo Parlier and Bruno Teheux, two mathematicians at the University of Luxembourg, embarked on a project to explore how artists achieved harmony and balance, using elementary geometric shapes. They decided to do this exploration by getting the crowd involved. And so, the ReShape project was born - an adventure that [...]

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In conversation with Mélanie de Jamblinne of Esch2022

Episode 11 of the Esch2022 ART, TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL CULTURE PODCAST hosted by Mélanie de Jamblinne de Meux featured our project The Sound of Data: Science meets Music. Patrizia Luchetta and Oliver Glassl talked about the project and more broadly about data sonification, including the many applications of sonified data: in our daily lives, for research, for communication purposes, or in an artistic context. You will also hear more about about upcoming and not-to-be-missed events: the presence of The Sound of Data at the Researchers' Days at Rockhal on November 25/26; and about our final event featuring the 11 artists who [...]

In conversation with Mélanie de Jamblinne of Esch20222022-11-23T12:45:20+00:00

If (only) Data could talk…

Ever wondered what data sounds like, or why someone would want to sonify data in the first place? We explored these topics on October 13th at our conference "If (only) Data could talk… From data collection to knowledge creation and communication: challenges & opportunities!", co-organised with STATEC, as part of our Esch2022 - European Capital of Culture project "The Sound of Data". The purpose of this event was for experts and practitioners to discuss the challenges and opportunities around innovation in data modelling and popularization, data journalism and data-driven communication; and in this context to investigate what data sonification [...]

If (only) Data could talk…2022-10-24T09:57:28+01:00

Imagine how Covid data or Traffic data would sound like…

Listen to these data-driven music examples created for our Sound Of Data project using TwoTone. The traffic data piece has been made by Steve Allen and the COVID-19 sonification by Oliver Glassl. Using Traffic to make Music In this composition we have used a synth to represent the traffic flow on road B40, which passes directly by the Belval campus. The higher the pitch the greater the amount of traffic. An arpeggiated bass was used to demonstrate the fluctuations in traffic speed. And a rising scale was used to denote the time of day that the data was sampled. The [...]

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Highlights of our “Science meets Music” event at Rockhal on May 1st

This event marked the launch of “The Sound of Data – Science meets Music”, a collaborative Esch2022 project, led by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), the Centre de Musiques Amplifiées Rockhal, the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). The Sound of Data aims at creating bridges between the worlds of science, technology, music, and art.Some 800 visitors stopped throughout the afternoon. Participants were able to discover the many connections between science and music through interactive workshops and performances.In parallel, Rockhal’s Club, offered a programme more geared towards scientists, musicians, and artists. Highlights here [...]

Highlights of our “Science meets Music” event at Rockhal on May 1st2022-05-12T14:02:26+01:00


Today we would like to highlight "The Art of Sound Walking", an interesting project led by Trond Maag and Andres Bosshard. As part of Esch2022, Trond and Andres invite you to discover Esch’s characteristic acoustic environment through the project “Walking, Listening and Recomposing Everyday Sounds of Esch”.  The project will open on 2 May 2022 at 15:00, in the presence of Carole Dieschbourg, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, Trond Maag and Andres Bosshard. Meeting point: Belval, Avenue du Rock’n Roll (bus stop) Project information: here  Register: here You can also sign up for a guided tour on [...]

WALKING, LISTENING AND RECOMPOSING EVERYDAY SOUNDS OF ESCH – Invitation for guided tours2022-04-27T08:45:20+01:00

When colours become sounds: Cyborg Neil Harbisson at the launch of The Sound of Data

Neil Harbisson is colour-blind but can hear colours with the help of an implanted antenna. The world's first official cyborg will demonstrate how he uses this technique at the Rockhal on 1 May. Neil was born with achromatopsia. This means that he only sees the world in black, white and grey tones. In 2004, the Briton underwent an operation: he had a chip with an antenna implanted in the back of his head. As a result, Neil Harbisson still cannot see the colours, but he can hear them. The antenna detects the colours of his surroundings, which are then [...]

When colours become sounds: Cyborg Neil Harbisson at the launch of The Sound of Data2022-04-25T14:29:52+01:00
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