FINAL EVENT: Live music festival

03/12/2022 @ All Day
@ Rockhal
5 avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch-sur-Alzette, L-4083

Live performance of data sonification compositions by local artists, digital art & music.

With Valery Vermeulen and Headliner Max Cooper, at Rockhal. More information to come…

Max Cooper

Few have been so successful in interrogating and furthering the intersection between electronic music, visual art, technology and science in the past decade as Max Cooper. Working with collaborators and large-scale institutions like the Barbican, Zaha Hadid Architects and Dolby, Cooper has developed a mixed-media approach to creation. Whether walk-through light installations, groundbreaking use of immersive sound, or club-ready techno releases, Cooper’s output of electronic exploration makes use of available technology while referencing that which came before it, and does so in a human way.
At the core, Max Cooper’s mission as a musician, a DJ and an interdisciplinary artist is all about provoking a greater understanding.

Valery Vermeulen

Valery Vermeulen is a Belgian electronic musician, music producer, mathematician, new media artist, author, guest professor at KASK-Conservatory-School of Arts (Ghent, BE) and researcher at the Department of Mathematics – Computer Science at University of Antwerp (Antwerp, BE).
Since 2004 Vermeulen has been working on various interactive multimedia projects. Topics in his work cover a broad range of disciplines including algorithmic music composition, (generative) sound synthesis, affective computing, artificial intelligence, biofeedback & psychofysiology, creative evolutionary systems design, astrophysics, theoretical physics, econometrics and data sonification.