For our project The Sound of Data, we are collaborating with TwoTone, which lets you turn data into music without writing a single line of code.

TwoTone is a fun and intuitive way to make your own compositions, without any prior musical or technical knowledge. It uses the process of sonification to let you hear data. It’s free and open source and runs 100% on the web, so you don’t need to download anything.  The algorithm makes an audio track from one column of your data automatically and you can change the instrument, add more columns, and experiment from there until you have made something that interests you. TwoTone is a Sonify project, built with support from Google.


Sonify is a US-based company working at the intersection of audio, data and emerging technologies. Sonify is co-founded by Hugh and Debra McGrory. The Sonify team is working in a hands-on capacity with the Sound Of Data project; providing training, production and R&D&I support to our collaborative partner teams.

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